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The SICLAD brand combines hot rolled clad plates sheets produced within the SIJ Group.


The SICLAD brand combines two positive properties of steel produced within the SIJ Group, as one finished product - hot rolled clad plate. The base material that is of major thickness is made of structural or high strength steel and gives the product good strength properties. The surface of the steel are covered with a thin layer coating, anti-wear steel or nickel alloy, giving the product its main functionality. A metallurgical joint between plates made from different types of steel provides a hassle-free and economically viable use of SICLADE plates in different applications.

Our SICLAD plates are used in the petroleum and chemical industries, as well in energetics and engineering. These are characterised by high resistance to corrosion and other wear mechanisms in parallel with high strength.

Combinations of steel in SICLAD plates and thickness ratio between base material and clad material are adapted to the wishes and needs of our customers.

Dimensional range

• Cladding material thickness: 3.2 mm

• Base material thickness: 12-40 mm

• Width: max. 2000 mm

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Boštjan Blažič

Sales manager