Environmental policy

For centuries, SIJ Acroni has been manufacturing high-quality steels that have been successfully selling on the most demanding markets. Gradually reducing our environmental impact and protecting the environment has become one of the priorities of the company strategy.
Our environmental awareness constantly is growing, as is shown by the international standards ISO 14001, which gives the requirements for environmental management systems and confirms the global relevance for organizations wishing to operate in an environmentally sustainable manner, and OHSAS 18001, an international occupational health and safety management system specification. We are introducing environmentally-friendly technological processes that have the least impact on the environment. Equal attention is devoted to the management of energy sources.
We constantly monitor emissions of wastes, gasses and waste water.

Environmental and Health and Safety Policies

For centuries, SIJ Acroni (following on from the former Jesenice Steelworks ) has been manufacturing high-quality steels that have been successfully selling on the most demanding markets. The quality of our products is complemented by the responsible treatment of the environment at all levels of our operations.
Providing a healthy and safe living space is a foundation stone for the development of our operations. Environmental protection, together with health and safety at work, represent the fundamental rights, duties and responsibility of all our employees, and are also a part of Acroni’s management policy.

The basic principles of our policy are given below:

  • At SIJ Acroni we follow and comply with the requirements of the environmental regulations concerning the protection of the environment and health and safety at work. 
  • The legislative requirements and guidelines are identified in a timely manner and are included in the company strategy. We therefore introduce new technologies in accordance with the principles of environmental protection, with the aim of reducing all waste emissions – the discharge of pollutants as well as the solid waste. 
  • We direct technological processes in such a way as to prevent circumstances that could imperil the health and safety of our employees at work. 
  • We are striving to prevent all occupational risks and to protect our employees as well as the local community. That is why we tend to implement safe technologies, to consider safety measures, and to be constantly alert and prepared for action in case of an emergency situation.
  • We constantly follow safety measures, and we verify our actions in practice. We analyze all accidents and conditions which could lead to an accident and we act accordingly.
  • Apart from complying with all legislative requirements, we also strive for continual improvement in our environmental behavior and the protection of safety and health at work, even in the fields that are not regulated by law. 
  • We try to ensure the most economical consumption of raw materials and energy sources, which has favorable effects on the economy as well as on the environment. 
  • When looking for improvements, our main concern is to avoid irrational consumption of raw materials, natural resources, and energy, to prevent pollution, to recycle wastes, and to prevent unsafe conditions which could have a negative impact on the health and safety of our employees. 
  • We keep emissions of substances into the air and water, noise emissions and waste management under review. We use input material which has a favorable effect on the environment.
  • We ensure that all installations in our technological processes are regularly and properly maintained.
  • We systematically educate our employees and all our partners to work safely, prevent accidents, and protect the environment and their own health.
  • The environmental and occupational health and safety policies are exercised at all levels of the company and supported by all our employees, who actively work on these projects to the best of their ability and according to their competencies. 
  • Our aim is to increase the environmental and safety awareness of all our employees and our customers. 
  • We are committed to informing our customers, suppliers and employees, as well as the authorities and the public, about our activities and principles.
  • As we increase our environmental efficiency we use measurable goals. Those of our environmental policies and health and safety at work are closely interwoven with our business goals, which is the only way to reach the best business decisions.
  • Our operations are carried out in a residential neighborhood. One of the company’s goals is an agreeable coexistence with the inhabitants of the area and with the public. Acroni is an open company with an amenable environmental policy. We are open to public initiatives, which are welcomed, responded to and given serious consideration.