Research work and procedure

Within the Research and Development Department there is a team of experts – researchers whose priority is the development of new products and technological processes, to ensure better stability in the production process and better quality of products.

The researchers must continually adapt to market changes and, in collaboration with our customers, improve quality in the following fields of work:

  • stainless steels
  • nickel alloys 
  • non-oriented electrical steel sheets 
  • wear resistant steels 
  • steels for quenching and tempering 
  • spring steels 
  • structural steels 
  • high strength steels 
  • tool steels

Our researchers are involved in solving technological problems in the company and they also tender technological services to Acroni customers.
We have good cooperation with institutes and faculties, through which researchers are involved in scientific research projects.

In our laboratories we can perform various examinations and analyses of metallic materials, such as microstructure analyses, the determination of impurities and also detecting the reasons for and effects of defects in materials.

All examinations and research work are documented and tracked according to the system ISO 9001; the Standardization Department is responsible for this.

The Research and Development Department represents the center of concentrated knowledge of all the company’s experts. This fact is represented by many awards and prizes for innovations in the company at both the regional and national levels.