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SITHERM steels are used to manufacture complex tools such as: moulds, die casting tools, high pressure die casting tools, cores, hot cutting and extrusion tools.


Processes at elevated temperatures represent additional tool stress and have a decisive influence on useful life (tool life). A suitably selected steel group and its ability to withstand the specified operating stress makes it possible to use the full potential of the SITHERM steel grades. 

Carefully selected insert material for steel manufacture, precise and repeatable production process and suitable heat treatment provide a high degree of homogeneity to the SITHERM steel group.

Main characteristics of our hot-work tool steel, under the brand SITHERM steel:

  • High thermal shock and thermal fatigue resistance
  • High temperature mechanical properties
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • High Wear Resistance of Hot Work Die Materials
  • Can be polished
  • Possibility of work surface nitriding
  • Repeatable behaviour of tools that are being used
  • Good workability of steel delivered in a Soft-annealed Condition

The above characteristics make it possible to achieve a long and above-average useful life for tools.


Heat treatment

SITHERM brand steel is suitable for oil or polymer quenching hardening, and using vacuum hardening technology. Steel is supplied with an Extra Fine Structure (EFS) or by electroslag remelting (ESR).

Grade range

 SITHERM grades 

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