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We divide SIWATT into two main groups of non-oriented electrical steels:

  • Cold rolled, finished electrical steels

  • Cold rolled highly permeable finished electrical steels - PERMAG FP


Years of experience in developing and producing non-oriented electrical steels presented under the SIWATT brand allow us to offer our customers a wide range of qualities. Constant development, improvement of processes and materials along with the introduction of a quality assurance system in accordance with ISO 9001, environmental management systems in accordance with ISO 14001 and occupational health and safetymanagement systems in accordance with OHSAS 18001, are our guarantee for a constant quality level.

Our experts are always prepared to offer customers their assistance, so that the excellent properties of our steels may be exploited to their full advantage and the satisfaction of the customer. With the development of metallurgical processes and technical development support, the SIWATT brand ranks among the leading European brands of non-oriented electrical steels.


             Strips               Sheets
Thickness (mm)            0.2–1.0               0.5–1
Width (mm)            30–1000            420–1000
Lenght (mm)                                  600–6000
Weight (kg/mm width)             6–8.6  
Coil ID (mm)            508 (20")

Below, you can browse and download the technical datasheets for our most popular grades. For the complete production programme, please contact our sales representative.




20 15 35 21



0.35 mm

0.50 mm

0.65 mm

270 35a 310 50a 400 65a
300 35a 330 50a 470 65a
330 35a 350 50a 600 65a
400 50a 800 65a
470 50
530 50a
600 50a
700 50a
800 50a



0.35 mm

0.50 mm

0.65 mm

450 50k 800 65k
660 50k

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Sales manager