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Company SIJ Acroni is a member of steel division of SIJ – SLOVENIAN STEEL GROUP.

SIJ Acroni is a producer of flat rolled steel products. We are among the leading producers of stainless steel quarto plates and wear resistant, high tensile, tool and other special steel quarto plates.
Besides quarto plates we also produce non-oriented electrical steel and hot and cold rolled coils in special grades.

Born from fire, made to endure.

Green Steel
All SIJ Acroni steel products have an extremely low carbon footprint and are among the greenest steels in the world. Our CO2 emissions are 33% better than the global steel industry average. Find out how you can reduce your scope 3 emissions through the use of our green steel.
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The best things in the world contain Slovenian steel!
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Building on centuries of tradition, experience and know-how, SIJ Acroni’s people with a mind of steel work hard every day to produce high-quality steel products. Made of 100% recycled steel scrap, highly durable, extremely versatile and endlessly recyclable, steel is truly the most sustainable material of the future. A future that is born from fire and made to endure.